Earn money instantly by taking part in opinion polls

How many times have you asked yourself 'Who answers those surveys?' People can't say that, it's impossible. I can't believe it. Well, now you have your chance.

In feebbo we'll pay right away. Yes. All you have to do is give your opinion, no need to earn points, no expiration dates, no coupons or gift certificates. Earn cash.

Wait... How does it work?

Look, in feebbo we're building an infrastructure of people from all over Spain that want to take part in rewarded market research.

First, you must sign up on feebbo, the more data you give us, the more companies will be able to consult you.

Once you sign up, we will send you 10 surverys created by us, you will get 2 or 3 each week. These surveys will allow us to confirm that you are a person interested in taking part in market research, with these surveys feebbo doesn't obtain benefits, they are surveys created by us, nobody asked for them.

Once you're finished with these first 10 surveys, we will send you the feebbo card. It will arrive ASAP. This card is free of charge, we will send it for free. The card will arrive with no funds, because the surveys you filled out are test surveys.

From that moment on, for each survey you take, you'll earn €1. We can't tell you how long it will take between each survey you receive, it depends on the number of surveys that are looking for respondents, on how fast you are in taking part in them and on the profile fields you have completed.

What we can guarantee is that for each friend you invite we'll pay you €0.50, you can use our facebook app to invite them.

If you still have questions, you can download our Guide for Rookies, test your knowledge about feebbo and become an evangelist for us ;)

And me... Can I create a survey?

Yes, you can create a survey too

Discover how you can get to know people's opinions in our tour.

It won't take you more than a minute and you'll find out people's opinions on whatever you want.

They'll be simple... like this:

Would you like to give your opinion so that companies get to know your preferences better?

39.54 %(Of course)

More answers:

  • 32.41 %It could be nice
  • 11.86 %I don't think it'll work
  • 9.47 %I'm not interested
  • 32.41 %Dunno
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